This section explains all details about the shells I make -- the material, paint prep and so on. The material is a commercial grade polyurethane resin not a hobby grade. This material is a commercial material that is strong and resists breakage.  If the shell warps or bends this can only be fixed by warming the shell up with hot water or a hair dryer or heat gun (be very careful and do this slowly) do not try to bend it at room temperature. The best way to prep the shell for paint is to soak in Mineral Spirits for the time it takes you to take a toothbrush and scrub first the inside and then the outside surfaces. Dry with a towel and let air dry. WATER AND SOAP DOES NOT REMOVE RESIN MOLD RELEASE AND SKIN OILS. If you need to attach details or glue the shell, use CA only. Model glue does not work. Any type of paint will work with this resin. Do not use brake fluid on the resin shell because it may melt the resin. All shells will have minimal flash and will need to be removed by the modeler. Some holes will need to be drilled out considered secondary work. I will continue to add information to this FAQS section as questions arise. All the information above is what I recommend any deviation from these FAQS may cause damage to the shell. 

Returns: I only except returns up to 14 days from the day you first receive the shell. If you remove shell from the bag and start working on it I will not except the return.