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Most auctions on eBay do not explain the handling time: My handling time is 5 days. This is for a few reasons. One maybe a mold goes bad and I have to hurry and make a new mold that take 3 to 4 days and then I have to make your order. Second I just released a new item and I am flooded with orders making them in one set of molds.  Most times if all of the above is good I normally have to make your item but ship it in two days of payment or in todays new managed payments after I receive it in my bank acct.

The Lima Switcher engine shell kit has a modified Stewart VO-1000 frame to fit under the PNW Resins Lima engine shell. You will use the guts from the Stewart VO-1000 donor engine for this frame. The parts will drop in place and the only part you need to modify are the two dog bones The one end that is shaped like a hex nut which meassures .140 long you need to grind.050 off each dog bone. After you grind them down clean the edge up and remove the burrs. They then will fit inside the brass flywheels and slide in to make up the difference in the shorter modified frame. You may have to go back and tweak it in and take a little more off to give it a little slop. Wire the chassis up and you should be ready to go. The resin body and frame clean up easy and the minor flash and edges clean up fast with 220 grit sandpaper. Paint Prep: very important to follow these directions because painting resin is different then painting injection molded shells. Clean shell and frame in mineral spirits using a tooth brush to clean surfaces and you should have good results with paint. There are no restrictions with what ever paint product you want to use. Glass I recommend flat clear plastic .010 or thicker. Handrails it has been suggested to me to use proto S3 hand rails. There are dealers on eBay that sell parts and handrails for all kinds of engines. This plastic the shells and frame are made from drills and taps well . If you are gluing anything to this material I suggest CA for gluing. If for some reason if this shell or frame warps you need to heat it up slowly with either warm water or very carefully with a hair dryer or heat gun, be careful remember slowly. 

postage: for now is free for US shipments International pays actual postage

Returns: I will except return up to 2 weeks from receiving your kit. If the kit was opened and worked on in any way I will not take it back for a return and voids the return policy. 

Lost or broken parts: We have made it a policy after selling on eBay for over 30 years we double if not triple check all items for accuracy so if you say we forgot a part or sent you a broken part we will not replace it for free. Sometime things get broken or lost when you dump the kit on the table that doesn't mean we will make up for that mistake. I have heard all the excuses and stories, but I will work with you and if you pay the postage I will replace the part, not shell or frame though free of charge so let's be honest about it.

If you have a problem with what you bought, tell me not everyone that will listen to you online, but me who can make good if it is my mistake. If I hear about it from someone else then it's not my problem.

Questions, suggestions e-mail me here or elsewhere. PNWResins or Pacific Northwest Resins is our name and we can be found easily.